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Jan 10, 2017

Press Release: The Clarion List Completes Global Reach and Releases Year End Results

The groundbreaking website makes it easy for collectors, artists and advisors to search for art service providers across 30+  unique categories

NEW YORK, NY – JANUARY 10, 2017 – The Clarion List – a website that helps collectors, artists and advisors find thousands of art service providers – expands to 20 new international cities and 4 new continents, bringing the total number of markets served to 70+, total listings to 7,000+ and completing its coverage of major international art markets across 6 continents.

Additionally, The Clarion List has released exclusive market data revealing its most-clicked service categories in 2016:

1. Art Consultants

2. Art Appraisers

3. Art Transport, Storage & Installation

4. Art Conservators

5. Art PR & Marketing Firms

6. Art Law Firms

7. Collection & Gallery Management Specialists

8. Art Insurance

9. Art Accountants

10. Art Fund Managers

The Clarion List also has revealed that more than 30% of USA art service companies have claimed and are managing their listing, up from 7% of just 2,400 listings a year ago.

“‘’Art Consultants’ is our most-clicked category, suggesting that expert consultation is still in high demand, no matter the market highs or lows. New and aspiring collectors are rightly look for help entering and navigating the art world. Even veteran collectors need expert assistance or advice from time to time. Our audience is searching The Clarion List for these expert service providers, often for time sensitive projects and this is something Google just can’t do.” - Jessica Paindiris, CEO of The Clarion List

Via their directory of art companies with crowd-sourced ratings and reviews, The Clarion List offers an alternative to the notoriously opaque art market that relies heavily on word-of-mouth and insider referrals. Within the 20 newly added cities, users can search among almost 40 service categories, including collection management specialists, art lenders, security providers, framers, art tour providers, lighting firms, and forensic analysts. Users can refine search results by subcategory, location, years in business, company size and rating.

The new and expanded cities include: Beijing; Buenos Aires; Cape Town; Detroit, Michigan; Dubai; Hong Kong; Johannesburg; Mexico City; Montreal; Moscow; Mumbai; Rio de Janeiro; São Paulo; Seoul; Shanghai; St. Petersburg; Sydney; Tokyo; Toronto; and Vancouver.

“We are committed to adding transparency and access to the global art services market. Even art market veterans who have established local networks need help when doing business or referring business in new markets. By enabling the art world to better know various options when sourcing an art service provider, I believe we are helping cultivate a more efficient, informed market.” said Paindiris.

Previously, The Clarion List included 54 markets in the US and Europe.


  • Art Accountants

  • Art Adjusters

  • Art Appraisers

  • Art Business Global Payments

  • Art Business IT Support

  • Art Catalog Distributors

  • Art Conservators

  • Art Consultants

  • Art Exhibition Consultants

  • Art Framers

  • Art Fund Managers

  • Art Insurance

  • Art Law Firms

  • Art Leasing

  • Art Lenders

  • Art Lighting Firms

  • Art Market Recruiters

  • Art Market Research

  • Art Photography & Videography

  • Art PR & Marketing Firms

  • Art Risk Consultants

  • Art Security

  • Art Specialized Family Offices

  • Art Title Insurance

  • Art Tours

  • Art Transport, Storage, & Installation

  • Artist Portfolio & Website Software

  • Authenticity & Provenance Services

  • Blockchain Databases

  • Catalogue Raisonné Management Software

  • Collection & Gallery Management Services

  • Collection Management Specialists

  • Condition Report Specialists & Software

  • Forensic Art Analysts

  • Public Art Consultants

  • Stolen Art & Recovery Services

  • Wealth Management Firm

The Clarion List also includes four marketplace categories that lists companies in response to user demand for writing and reading reviews: Art Galleries, Private Art Dealers, E-Commerce Platforms and Auction Houses.

The Clarion List can be searched for free at

About The Clarion List

The Clarion List is the leading online resource for discovering art service companies worldwide. The Clarion List is a searchable, sortable and free database with ratings and reviews of thousands of art companies across dozens of categories. The Clarion List makes the sourcing of art service providers quick and efficient for collectors, artists and advisors, and empowers art companies to broaden their reach to a global audience in need of their services.


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